Customer Segmentation
Segmentation models developed to identify specific attributes of a customer group that are similar and dissimilar to others within the same group. Going deeper than typical industry or company size in a business environment and standard age, gender and salary attributes in a consumer environment, these isolate and identify combinations of attributes that make markets, prospects and customers unique. Segmentation model output is used to define and predict the success levels of sales & marketing initiatives, providing the supporting metrics to ensure the efficiency of each initiative.
Market Analysis
Segmentation models developed to identify and qualify markets. Markets can be modeled of attributes defined by customer segmentation models or used to identify completely new market attributes. This analysis enables a business to develop insight into the geographic and demographic attributes of their target market, allowing them to implement strategic sales and marketing initiatives. The models are used successfully in sales territory planning to identify geographic market densities.
High Value Segmentation Analysis
Segmentation models developed to identify defined 'high value' attributes and clusters within a customer base. Modeling transactional information into a segmentation study provides insight into customer profiles that have higher propensities to generate incremental revenue than the average. These metrics are then used to target new customers with similar profiles, providing a higher and quicker ROI. These metrics are also used to identify existing customers whose profiles are predictive of high value, but are not demonstrating. Internal account development efforts to this group often result in highly successful migrations to the high value portfolio.
Segmentation Metrics
Used to identify and increase the success levels of sales & marketing programs. Using the demographic information provided in our prospect databases, sales & marketing campaigns can be monitored and the metrics analyzed to continually refine and increase the targeting and success levels.
Testing Metrics

How to test and benchmark your current sales & marketing initiatives to understand if your efforts are as effective and efficient as possible...without disrupting business as usual. We can develop, implement and execute alternative
sales & marketing tests in tandem with and to augment your current efforts. These tests will benchmark your current sales and marketing response rates and close rates, providing you with information necessary to make critical business decisions.


The cost to acquire a new customer is 5 times greater than the cost to retain and existing oneā€¦Let us work with you to analyze and identify points of attrition within your customer base. We can develop models which will predict customer attrition by behavioral fluctuations, providing you with a tool to identify these customers before you loose them. We can also help develop programs to fight attrition within your customer base, through customer contact and management programs. We can develop models for you that identify customers with a higher propensity to respond to cross-selling opportunities. Use these models to streamline your sales process and covert a higher percentage of contacts.


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